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This is a country right at the heart of the birth of modern civilisation, with empires & kings dating back to the Persians, the ancient Greeks, Alexander the Great and beyond. All have left their mark on this ancient land, with no less than 13 UNESCO world heritage sites, and two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it’s no wonder that Turkey is a favourite for history buffs.

It’s the beach resorts however which entice most visitors, and with prices which remain lower than the rest of the Mediterranean, Turkey is more popular than ever. From modest fishing villages, the resorts of Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi and Altinkum are now commercialised and unrecognisable, offering lively beach holiday for those looking for a huge choice of bars and restaurants. However there are still many resorts in Turkey which offer traditional charm, beauty and peace & quiet, including Turunc, Kalkan & Kas.

Top Ten things to see & do

Ephesus – Step back in time and stroll the marble streets if this incredible open air museum, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, and containing the famous Artemisia, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Instanbul – the largest city in Europe, but not Turkey’s capital. Istanbul was capital of three empires, and has also been known as Byzantium and Constantinople. History is everywhere in this bustling and exciting city.

Turkish Bath – experience one of these for the ultimate in pampering and total relaxation.

Gulet Cruise – Gulets are wonderful traditional wood crafted vessels. You can cruise for a day or up to a week on crystal clear waters exploring the islands and inlets of the beautiful coastline.

Pamukkale – The ‘Cotton Castle’ – An incredible natural wonder. A cascade of pure white calcium carbonate deposits and oyster-shaped pools of hot water said to cure many ailments.

Troy – The story goes that Paris of Troy stole the King of Sparta’s wife Helen, leading to a ten year siege which ended in the famous battle with the Trojan Horse. Come and see for yourself where this legendary story is said to take place.

Cappadocia is a moonscaped region in central Turkey famous for it’s moonscape of cone shaped rock formations. Churches and cave dwellings have been carved into the cones, known as fairy chimneys. Take a hot air balloon flight to see them at their best.

Kalkan and Kas – Kalkan still has a traditional fishing village at it’s heart, and the coastal road to Kas is one of the most beautiful scenic drives anywhere in the world. Kas is a lovely beach resort retaining it’s traditional character and is unchanged in decades.

Antalya – a picturesque old town known as ‘Laleici’ which means Citadel. It has a maze of narrow winding streets leading down to the harbour, in the shelter of ancient city walls.

Olu Deniz – visually stunning with one of the world’s most photographed beaches. Pay a small fee to enter the National Park, and Blue Lagoon. Olu Deniz is a small beach resort which caters for everyone, and is a must see before it becomes commercialised.


When to go?

You can visit Turkey any time of year, but in the winter the beach resorts in the west of the country are very quiet and much of the facilities will be closed and flights are limited. The Eastern Mediterranean coastal resorts of Antalya and Side are year-round resorts, open in winter. The summer months are very hot and busy, popular with families looking for guaranteed sunshine. For cheaper prices if you can avoid school holidays, visit in Spring or Autumn when temperatures are still very warm, but pleasant for sightseeing.

Eating & Drinking

Turkey is famous for Raki (Similar to Greek Ouzo), and the local Efes beer is excellent. This is the home of the kebab and tandoori so meat is popular, particularly lamb. Seafood is always fresh and excellent. Visit a lokanta (traditional Turkish restaurant) for a taste of local food and you won’t be disappointed.

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Yes, Indian Citizen require a visa for travel to Turkey.




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