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From iconic pyramids that rise from ancient sands and bustling medieval bazaars full of colour, to the endless desert dotted with oases of palm trees, busy cities and modern coastal holiday resorts offering some of the best diving in the world, Egypt is a living museum that’s packed with amazing attractions.

Egypt is a land of contrasts, ancient and modern, green and barren. Beneath the surface throbs a pulsing Arab state that celebrates its heritage while embracing contemporary life.

Egypt’s history is one of the oldest and most evocative of any country in the world. Who can fail to be captivated by the lives of pharaohs like Tutankhamun who ruled for just ten years but is, arguably, the most famous of all the ancient Egyptian kings?

Today, the most popular places to visit are not only the monuments of the Nile Valley and the souks, mosques and madrassas of Islamic Cairo, but also fantastic coral reefs and tropical fish, dunes, ancient fortresses, and monasteries found on the Red Sea region.

Top Ten things to see & do

Pyramids of Giza. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramid dates back to 2550BC

Cairo. It’s bustling and busy in ancient Cairo. Egypts fascinating capital of bazaars and mosques.

River Nile Cruise. The quintessential Nile experience. They generally last between three and seven days.

Luxor Temples. The Temple of Karnak  and Luxor Temple are both iconic. Why not view the land of the Pharaohs in a hot-air balloon?

Abu Simbel Temples. Dedicated to the Pharaoh Ramses II and his queen Nefertari, the two temples stand on the shores looking out over Lake Nasser.

Valley of the Kings. No pyramids here, but incredible tombs instead, including the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Aswan. Feluccas (wooden boats) drifting along the river at sunset is one of Egypt’s most enduring sights.

Mount Sinai. Witness the sunrise across the desert landscape. If a three-hour trek sounds too ambitious, stay overnight at St Catherine Monastery, hire a camel and walk down in leisure

Diving in the Red Sea. Teeming with a colourful marine life, the crystal waters are landscaped with coral and dramatic drop-offs.

Snorkelling in Sharm El Sheikh. Don’t fancy diving? Simply wade out with a mask or snorkel and the fish will come to you.

When to go?

Egypt is a huge country with plenty of variety in its climate; when it’s chilly and wet in Alexandria, it can be ravishingly hot in Aswan. The best time to visit most sights, including the pyramids and the Valley of the Kings, or diving in the Red Sea, is from February to April and October to November. During these months the heat reminds you that it’s the ‘Land of the Sun’, but not too hot to be enjoyable. At this time, the skies and sea are a perfect blue.

Food & Drink

Egyptian cuisine combines many of the best traditions of African, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking, and is both delicious and healthy. Fruit, such as dates and olives, picked from the trees combine with vegetables, meats and fresh fish, aromatic herbs and spices to create colourful and flavoursome dishes. Although Egypt is a Muslim country, alcohol is available in cafe-style bars, hotels and many restaurants in larger towns, cities and resorts.

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Yes, Indian Citizen require a visa for travel to Egypt.




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